Limited only by imagination



   Please explore the variety of book forms that follows. I have attempted to              group the works pictured on the following pages into similar formats. Your            feedback is welcome and your interest is appreciated.

   ARTISTS’ BOOKS is a selection of books constructed with familiar bindings.

   MOVABLE STRUCTURES illustrates a variety of books that feature movement as      a function of the delivery of information.

   UNIQUE STRUCTURES presents a collection of unusual, structural forms, many        of which are interactive with the viewer.

   I hope that you will enjoy your journey through this collection of book works        and that you will discover new ways of defining what a book can be. In the            hands of artists, information can be disseminated in unusual and engaging            forms and can broaden the view of the observer. 

   A selection of my work is represented  by Vamp and Tramp Booksellers, and          may be viewed on their website