Limited only by imagination


    From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. My studies were aimed      at that goal and art has always been an integral part of my life. Exploration took    me through a variety of media that have coalesced into the field of Book Arts.

   A long history of working with my hands and working with ideas that require        problem solving are essential for me. The lure of the non-traditional has                long been enticing as well. Discovering artists’ books and the opportunities          they provide for innovative use of well-crafted unique structures presents an          interesting challenge. The artist's book encourages thought along unexplored      avenues, which has a strong appeal for me. Book  Arts embodies these traits.

   Not only do words and pictures convey a book's message, but structures and        materials have the ability to add content as well. Combining these elements          gives the artist free reign, challenging the viewer to consider new definitions        of what may be called a book. This is a strong focus in my work. Blending              storytelling with original creative writing, documentary, animation and a variety    of artistic media provides an abundance of tools.

   Whenever I approach a project. I keep in mind that the materials, the form and      the binding have a unique voice that fits the subject matter. When those                elements correlate, the project itself succeeds.

   My goal is to challenge the engagement of the viewer to question the extent to      which preconceived notions might expand. I hope to encourage this through        devices such as movement, humor and artistic application. This includes the          exploration an acceptance of new ideas and an appreciation of a unique                perspective.