Limited only by imagination


In many cultures, the Hamsa is recognized as a symbol for good fortune. It is thought to have protective properties as well as the ability to bring health, success, and strength to its bearer. The book is constructed of five sections with pages of heavy duty cold press watercolor paper. Each section consists of a folded Hamsa, opening to reveal poetic text in support of the symbolism. The Hamsa is textured with ink on one surface and stenciled designs on the obverse. It is enclosed in folded pages embellished with walnut ink. Sections 1, 3, and 5 are wrapped in a folded 1" strip of paper, punched and decorated.
The five sections are hand-sewn and wrapped in a covering of Kraft paper, while the endpapers are brown tissue with inclusions of newsprint. The cover is wrapped in Yuzen paper with metallic shapes scattered on a red-orange ground. The title and Hamsa image are cut from gold vellum.
Complex in design, but straightforward in it's message, I trust this unique volume will be of interest to those who value symbolism.

The book is 6" x 8" x 1".